ReproTox is a biotechnology company specialized in developing in vitro  alternative approaches to predict reproductive toxicity. It promotes technologies developed by ReproTox in the field of the reproductive biology and toxicology and more specially in in vitro male reproductive toxicology.

supports the discovery efforts of its partners by providing tools, solutions, and services for the male in vitro reproductive toxicological studies.

ReproTox has group of highly skilled scientists with a proven performance-driven attitude and provides expertise in our comprehensive discovery platforms, which include in:

  1. Male reproductive cell lines isolation & 3D in vitro cell cultures
  2. Biochemical and cellular assay development
  3. High- Throughput (HT) and High- Content Analysis (HCA)
  4. Computational machine learning based HCA analysis
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is proud to advocate the 3Rs concept of replacement, reduction, and refinement of animals used in science. Replacement alternatives refer to methods which avoid the use of animals.

Our team has been working hard to develop novel in vitro models that could potentially transform the future of preclinical research, and reduce and eventually replace traditional animal models. We strongly support developing and validating novel in vitro alternative models that promise a paradigm shift from conventional toxicity testing,  thereby contributing to the goal of “3 Rs”.